Thursday, 2 December 2010

Wikileaks: Whacking and Wackiness

Tom 'Fatwa' Flanagan claims he regrets calling for the assassination of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

He did so 3 times on the CBC infotainment show "Power'n'Politics". He could be charged under the criminal code for inciting to murder. No surprise 'Fatwa' Flanagan is regretful.

He is not alone. Others, particularly in the US, are shrieeeking for blood. And the moral puffery of Joe Klein is neatly eviscerated by Glenn Greenwald.

On a merrier note, our blogging colleague Alison has discovered that the spook assigned to Canada is a TV critic manqué.
EKOS pollster Frank Graves told Poloff he thought that at this point such shows are reflective and not causal in determining attitudes in Canada. They play on the deep-seated caution most Canadians feel toward their large neighbor to the south, a sort of zeitgeist that has been in the background for decades. As one example, a December 2007 Strategic Counsel poll showed that nine percent of Canadians thought U.S. foreign policy was the greatest threat to the world - twice as high as those who were concerned about weapons of mass destruction. What Graves does find disturbing - and here he believes that the causal or reflective question is not important - is that support for a less porous border is increasing in both Canada and the U.S. - in the U.S. because of generalized fear of terrorism and in Canada because of concern over guns, sovereignty, and the impact that a terrorist attack on the U.S. would have on trade.
From here.

Where are Wayne and Shuster when we need them?

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the regina mom said...

Yay, Alison! And yay, Wayne & Schuster, too! It'll be interesting to see what 22 Minutes and Rick Mercer do in response to the leaks. Here's hoping Mercer goes deep instead of brushing it off as gossip, like some in the Canuckian media are.

I'm still miffed about the Flanagan thing, though. He really should be arrested. Imagine you or I calling for the assassination of anyone. We'd be locked up and the key thrown away in no time flat!!!

And hey, when I go silent, get locked up for something I've said or written, come looking, k?

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