Thursday, 2 December 2010

This is where DJ! gets into that juxtaposey thing

Yesterday, Mayor (*gag*) Rob Ford declares the 'war on the car' over.

Today, gas prices jump 4.4 cents overnight.


Thar's gold in them thar gridlocks.

deBeauxOs adds: Rob Ford is "Toronto's neO'Brien" - one of his first moves, as with the Ottawa mayoralty FAIL - could be to cancel a LRT contract with Bombardier.

The contractor successfully sued us for breach of contract, and city services were slashed to pay for Larry O'Brien's need to piss on his new territory.

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Beijing York said...

Sam Katz is very pro-business and has some conflict of interest investment issues on his plate but he looks like a brilliant statesman in comparison to O'Brien and Ford.

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