Monday, 20 December 2010

The War against Xmas as brought to you by ...

Sarah Palin!

X marks The mudflats as your go-to place. It's now the eighth day before Xmas according to the count-down there.

My favourite is this one - On the 6th day of Xma my ex-Gov gave to me ...

6 turkeys draining.

Bonus: For all the unl'arned boors who haven't seen any of Sa-wah's Alaska! on the, ahem, *Learning Channel* here's a spiffy recap of one of the episodes.

And also via Andrew Sullivan, Joe Klein describes how John 'The Human Trampoline' McCain has not bounced back from the use and abuse he suffered as a result of choosing Palin as a running mate.

Grand merci to brebis noire for all the linky goodness.


Anonymous said...

Great first to babel fish for the English translation of brebis, then to the English dictionary for ewe.

deBeauxOs said...

Though DAMMIT JANET! is not TLC, we do like it when our readers learn something new - or not.

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