Wednesday, 1 December 2010

There's an app for that

Find the tell. You'll have to go to the IPeed link.
Pink or Blue? One Line or Two? Cup or stream? What woman hasn’t spent countless hours sweating it out over an innocuous white plastic stick otherwise known as a home pregnancy test (whether trying to conceive or not). Not to mention the small fortune spent on multiple drug store trips to buy more tests (just in case the first one was wrong). Even the cheap dollar store tests add up pretty quickly after a few months of trying to conceive.

With the recent launch of iPeed, those high costs and frequent pharmacy trips are a thing of the past, as the new home pregnancy test iphone application offers 99% accuracy 2 days before your first missed period. Created by a pharmacist mom and her computer developer husband, the iPeed is hoping to revolutionize the $50 million-dollar-a-year home pregnancy test market. And at $2.99 a download for unlimited use, it may do just that.

Or go here.



deBeauxOs said...

Loads of tell, but this might be the best Onion-worthy one: "After downloading the application, you simply aim your urine stream at the bullseye in the center of the [iPhone] screen."

fern hill said...

For me, the LOL moment was this: 'If the test is positive, an image of a cooing baby appears (above, right). If the test is negative, an image of a martini appears.'

Beijing York said...

Very amusing. I certainly went for a drinky-poo after shelling out Yen to visit a ob-gyn in Tokyo when I was two weeks late on my cycle. There was nada and sure enough the red came on Canada Day.

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