Thursday 23 December 2010


JJ The Unrepentant is hanging 'em up.

As a young bloggerling, JJ and Canadian Cynic were my first daily blog visits. (CC has turned his formidable snarkitude to Twitter, which is a perfect medium for him.)

When deBeauxOs and I decided to strike off on our own, she advised and helped. That weird catbread thing up there is her doing. dBO supplied the photo and JJ flopped it for us.

We bonded over the Ottawa Senators' wives idiocy and got branded Vicious Abortion Crusaders by the fetus fetishists. A badge I will forever wear with pride.

JJ was/is my blogging hero and inspiration.

A class act, a free thinker, a gracious hostess, and one wicked funny babe.

We'll miss you, JJ.

(But I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This is literally the darkest time of the year. Maybe when the light returns, so will JJ.)


Beijing York said...

Very nice tribute, fern.

I too hope that with longer days and more light, JJ will return.

Anonymous said...

JJ is one of the reasons I log on each day.
Perhaps a guest blog every once in awhile JJ?
Gonna miss you something fierce, enjoy your extra time and lots of positive energy for your fierce and bright spirit. Big Thanks and Big Hugs.


deBeauxOs said...

Oh man, when that whole MASSIVE push-polling story broke, JJ was in the foreground of investigative journalism as progressive bloggers gathered in the comments section of her *Breaking!* posts to share info and views.

I'm pinning my hopes on JJ's cheezy humour to pull a 'Terminator' on us - tho she didn't promise she'll be baaaack.

JJ said...

Aw, thanks fern hill. *sniff*

Your remark about "the darkest time of the year" is very perceptive. This is always a horribly depressing time of year for me, and that combined with other things that have been discouraging me about the 'sphere lately made hanging it up seem like the right thing to do.

That said, this gives me more time to monitor Socon-or-bust's furious fetus-fetishizing ejaculations and sperm-backup-induced retrograde brain damage, and it is probably only a matter of time before it gets so dangerous that I feel obliged to alert the citizenry.


Niles said...

Well...poop. JJ was the first blog I stumbled across. Can't even remember why.

I further sentiments that JJ will not permanently go 'offair' and yet it's not difficult to understand her desire to step back and breathe in air not filled with intertubes.

It seems, even as just a watcher and not a direct blogger, that the progressive avenue of the activist life is a relentless strain of pushing pushing pushing a societal boulder uphill in Tartarus.

And just when you relax and think things are getting to a seems an entire, fresh generation of robots comes along, ears filled with the bs of their authoritarian leaders and the boulder gets kicked down and down the hill.

And you get scared. Really scared that shit history has already seen is going to make pushing a progressive platform seem like pattycake. It's tiring.

I watched the lunar eclipse the night of Solstice, over the 'witching' hour. Not only was the night clear just long enough for it to be viewed, but planets and stars were lined up in a spectacular framing of light and colour against the dark.

If I was the sort of fearful being that is eager for signs to support my fears, that was a daisy. As it was, I looked out into the same universe as people centuries ago did, watching an event only our two 'worlds' could share. The moon appeared again, none the worse for wear after having good old Terra cast a shadow across her. What's gone, comes again, and every time, the boulder gets pushed a -little- higher.

Whatever has eclipsed her, I hope JJ comes out the other side, no matter where she steps into the sun.

fern hill said...

JJ, I share your depression about this time of year, but once the solstice is past and fucking xmas is over, things usually look up for me.

So, you're going to continue to monitor the wingnutz? Excellent. Sooner or later, they'll drive you frothing back to your keyboard.

For example, go read SUZY's blinding insight into the MASSIVE ignorance of the fetus fetishists -- titled 'An annoying question about the pro-life movement in Canada' posted yesterday. (No link because of HER juvenile compulsion to redirect to fetal pr0n.)

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