Saturday, 8 December 2007

Yeah. Right.

Yeah. Right. The crisis pregnancy centre voluntarily withdrew from receiving one-third of a projected $100,000.

Well, that's what the Fetus Fetishizing News would like to believe.

A Canadian pregnancy center that helps women in difficult pregnancy situations has withdrawn from a fundraiser organized by the wives of the Ottawa Senators hockey team. The move comes after Planned Parenthood officials publicly attacked First Place Pregnancy Centre and falsely accused it of misleading women.

And, of course, LifeShite chimes in (dig the headline):

Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre Bullied out of Fundraiser by Vicious Abortion Crusaders

Ottawa's First Place Pregnancy Centre has told the charitable foundation of the Ottawa Senators hockey team that it will be pulling out of a fundraising scheme because of negative publicity after attacks in the press on its pro-life position.

Well, we at Birth Pangs are shalled and appocked. We want credit!

As our pal matttbastard said here:

Dammit, it was you and
who lead the unfair persecution!!1

We are the Bullies! We are the Vicious Abortion Crusaders! We are the Unfair Persecutors!

Sheesh. What’s a feminazi got to do to get any respect?

(First published at Birth Pangs.)

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