Saturday, 29 December 2007

Pro-Choice Terrism

Let it not be said that Birth Pangs is biased in our reporting.

Yesterday, we posted a story about arson at an abortion clinic in New Mexico.

Today, we ran across this.

When veteran pro-lifer Ed Snell was counseling women entering the Hillcrest Abortion Clinic in Harrisburg, Penn. from atop his car, he was thrown to the ground and seriously injured. He suffered internal hemorrhaging in his head, four compression fractures of vertebrae, a broken shoulder and two broken ribs. Doctors even feared he might die.

Despite these injuries, a receptionist at the abortion clinic angrily responded: “He got what he deserved!” when asked for a statement.

After the attack, the police arrived and although Mr. Snell was unconscious and being rushed to the hospital, they allowed his assailant to go free. A police officer then argued with and threatened to arrest Mr. Snell’s fellow pro-lifers, who asked them why the assailant was let free. So far the media has been silent about the incident.

Mr. Snell’s assailant was apprehended days after the attack, when the full extent of his injuries became known, and will be charged with a felony assault.

Well, as the phrase goes, this tiny media outlet is 'silent no more'.

There was a link there to the full story.

At 6:30 am on Saturday, December 22, while most were snug in bed, resting up for Christmas activities, veteran pro-lifer Ed Snell was arriving at Hillcrest Abortion Center, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Apparently, this gang of fetus fetishists have been so annoying that the clinic put up a 7-foot fence. So, the fetus fetishists started bringing ladders. But not Ed.

Mr. Snell, age 69, preferred to stand on a more solid foundation, so he constructed a plywood platform on the roof of his car to elevate him above the fence.

“This platform gives him a real steady base and a commanding view,” said fellow activist and eyewitness John McTernan. As Ed stood on his platform that morning, a man and woman exited a car in the parking lot and proceeded towards that door of the abortion mill.

When Mr. Snell tried to counsel the woman, his words were cut short when the man became furious, jumped the fence and, in the words of Mr. McTernan, “leaped on the vehicle with Ed and catapulted him off of the vehicle and onto the ground.” Mr. Snell hit his back and head on the pavement and was knocked unconscious.

Let's recap, shall we? A 69-year-old nutbar is so committed to harrassing women that he constructs a platform on top of his car. From there, he 'counsels' women. Counselling from the top of a car over a 7-foot fence would probably require a raised voice, yes?

So, basically, this old fart is yelling at people accessing a perfectly legal, albeit somewhat stressful, medical procedure.

The man accompanying the woman reacted to the stress. And the loud busy-body.

Just like our fetus fetishizing colleagues, we at Birth Pangs never ever no how no way countenance violence of any kind. The stressed-out man should not have bounced the yelling old fart off the roof of the car. That was BAD.

(But the receptionist's reaction we kind of understand. Imagine going to work every day with a bunch of nutbars yelling at you. Though it was very BAD of her too, we can imagine the satisfaction of seeing the yelling old fart hit the dirt.)

So there. Fair and balanced reporting, just as loyal BP readers have come to expect.

Oh, and that bit about dying? Well, not so much.

Doctors expect him to make a full recovery, although it will take a long time. “Ed is very sore,” said Mrs. Snell in a telephone interview, “he is black and blue and the doctor said that it will be a full eight weeks before his bones heal completely.”

(First published at Birth Pangs.)

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