Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I Hate Meeces to Peeces

I emailed sweetie this ayem to tell him that I'd been woken around 6 by LOUD gnawing sounds from the couch vicinity. Snapped on light. Gnawing ceased.

I hate meeces to peeces.

I had to call vermin guy twice this year and then landscum's minion supposedly plugged entry points. So I thought this was over.

Apparently it is not.

Sweetie is waging a relentless war on meeces at his place.

Here's his reply to my email:
I had put out mouse-traps earlier in the evening.  One of them was just near my feet as I lounged, listening.  It wouldn't be worth mentioning, natch, unless that was the trap that snapped - - which it did.

So I mention it.

But when I looked down,  the trap was empty - no wee beastie.

Except . . .

. . . is that a stick?

Get glasses on . . . no, it's a tail.  It was the tail of a merely stunned mouse.  One way that I can imagine that a mouse could spring a trap without being 'held' by the trap is if they'd approached the bait from the wrong end; stepped over the 'snap-bar' to get to the bait.  This would lead to catapult-mouse - - or mouse-catapult - - risky for mousey but loads of fun when it works.  Imagine tumbling through the air with a mouthful of something irresistible - - cheap thrill.

I grabbed the tail and sent the mouse out of doors.

There was another snap somewhere but I seem to have hidden the trap - can't find the sprung one.

War is Hell.

This is for you, sweetie.


Pseudz said...

Sweetie here.

What I was lounging and listening to when my little guest took flight was a talk given by a russian emigré named Dmitry Orlov.

Here's the URL:

He was generous and funny. He sought to gently provide his US-ian audience tips and advice on what to do and how to act when you're in a collapsed super-power nation.

As his lists began to weave an image of the fabric of the society we'll likely soon be in, I wondered whether I might, in the future, still consider a mouse as a pest or, rather, as fresh protein.


fern hill said...

Sweetie's link made clickable.

If you're thinking of meeses as fresh protein, I'm turning vegetarian.

deBeauxOs said...

What happens when you're reading the comments above off a laptop, without reading glasses, is that you see poutine for protein.

Mmmm...... Mouse poutine.

Next up, weapons of mouse destruction over at fern hill's dwelling.

fern hill said...

Inspired/grossed out by that (thanks, dBO), I just pulled couch out and found two small gaps between floor and baseboard. I figured mousie had to have an escape right there because I watched for quite a while this ayem and saw no mousie-flash coming out from behind.

I stuffed 'em with SOS pads. Now we live and see.

Anonymous said...


It's the peeces of the meesces feeces that I hate to peeces,

Bina said...

Meeces: I haz them too. They seem to be particularly numerous this year--the cats keep catchin' 'em, and so do my traps, and still there's always more where THAT came from. Ghaaaaah.

Orwell's Bastard said...

You realize, of course, that this means war.

[attention drifts]

mmmmm ... poutine ...

Beijing York said...

I know you're not a cat person, but I'm sure there are some canine ratters around.

You should count your lucky starts that your meeces were not of this variety:

fern hill said...


The gnawing sounded as if it were coming from a beast that size.

I've mentioned that I live hard by a fire station, so it takes a high level of decibels to wake me, but this sure did.

Fingers crossed for SOS pads crammed into gaps.

Beijing York said...

Just think though, in lean times those creatures could feed a village :-)

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