Friday, 3 December 2010

'Fatwa' Flanagan crawls back under his rock.

Many Canadians would rather not look at what's living under the ReformaTory rock. Then Wikileaks comes along and does the heavy lifting.

'Fatwa' Flanagan's perorations were disgusting propaganda but typical of that fundamentalist mindset. Also illegal - incitation to murder someone is crime - so 'Fatwa' Flanagan' coughed up some desultory regrets. And thanks to Buckdog, we learn from the Calgary Herald that 'Fatwa' Flanagan's academic career won't be squashed like a bug.

University of Calgary spokesman Grady Semmens said the school had received numerous complaints about the comments. "At this point, the university is not considering any disciplinary action. We had discussions with department and faculty heads, but that's all we can really say," he said.

Flanagan was representing himself, not the university, when he made the comments and had a right to his opinion, said Semmens. "He has publicly backed down from statements and said he regrets making them in such an offhanded way," he said.

And that's the way to avoid criminal charges under a supposedly "Tough On Crime" Harper's New©™ Government because it's okay to break the law if you're a ReformaTory Conservative.

Grand merci to our blogging pal Blevkog for further fanning the 'Fatwa' Flanagan fire.


Alison said...

Well lookee here : DJ's up at Silobreaker.
Couldn't they find a bigger font for "Dammit Janet!" ? Lols.

deBeauxOs said...

Gosh Alison, is that a big deal?

After all, we were once up at Memeorandum for this modest little post.

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