Thursday, 16 December 2010

C-510: How They Voted

My last (I hope) post on Bruinooge's 'Stringing the Fetus Fetishists Along Bill'.

The Head Count.

Bloc all agin it. A few didn't vote.

ReformaTories really mixed. Cabinet ministers against it. Usual fetus fetishists for it. Some interesting nays, one from Julian Fantino, for example. Shelly (Farm Hair) Glover voted for it -- hmm, I thought she was supposedly pro-choice. But then it would take more than two functioning neurons to figure out that this is actually a backdoor anti-abortion bill, so there's that explanation. Again, some interesting no-shows: Rona Ambrose, Leona Aglukkaq, Lisa Raitt, and Helena Guergis, who, I think, was giving birth, presumably voluntarily.

Liberals also mixed. As Antonia commented, ten anti-choice Libs: Kevin Lamoureux, Ruby Dhalla, John McKay, Dan McTeague, Paul Szabo, Alan Tonks, Jim Karygiannis, Gurbax Malhi, Albina Guarnieri, and Lawrence MacAulay. No shows: Iggy, Marlene Jennings, Keith Martin, Peter Milliken, Maria Minna, Joe Volpe.

NDP all nay, with some MIA.

So, that seems to be it for anti-choice panty-sniffing bills at the moment. Maurice Vellacott's C-537, 'Life Begins at Fertilization Bill' seems to be stuck at first reading.

ADDED: Oooh. I didn't realize that the redesigned LieShite allows comments. Go read. There are some pissed off fetus fetishists! *hugeevilgrin*


Alison said...

I'm sorry - I know this is really important and all but it's going to take me a few minutes to get my lolzing self up off the floor after reading "Farm Hair"

Farm Hair. Oh that just kills.

Antonia Z said...

You notice most of the commenters appear to be of the male orientation?

fern hill said...

Yeah, biiiig surprise.

I'm delighted that LieShite now allows comments. Such an interesting view into very dark corners of antique thinking.

JeninCanada said...

So glad my NDP MP voted against. I gotta send that man a card.

Beijing York said...

Speaking of MPs voting against, I read that Bill Siksay announced he won't be seeking re-election. Whaaaaaaaa! I love the guy to bits. He has more progressive cred than any other politician I know of.

Brian said...

"There are some pissed off fetus fetishists!"

Shhh. Don't disturb them, they're pissed off at great leader. This can only be constructive.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake" Napoleon Bonaparte

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