Friday, 26 November 2010

Men! Beware!

Hmmmm. How will the fetus fetishists spin this?
Refusing to get an abortion left a pregnant Calgary woman in a life-and-death struggle with her boyfriend, an accused murderer testified Thursday.

And Melinda Morin insisted she had no choice but to use deadly force to repel an angry Barry Neil Godwin.

In November 2009, Morin stabbed Godwin five times, any one of which, according to the medical examiner, would have been fatal. There were no drugs or alcohol in Godwin's body, but cocaine was found in hers.

Aeeiiiii! Another of the multitude of coerced abortion attempts that Fetus-Fetishist-in-Chief, Rod Bruinooge, will put an end to with his private member's bill C-510, glurgily nicknamed Roxanne's Bill for the woman who was NOT murdered because she refused to have an abortion.

See? They're right. Coerced abortion is rampant and vulnerable women need Rod Bruinooge's protection. She had no choice but to stab the guy FIVE times.

Oh. Wait. There's a witness with a different tale to tell.
Witness Stephen Yetman said the couple's bickering outside the building woke him up at 1:30 a.m. that night. He said he looked out the window and heard the spat escalate to threats. He said Godwin blamed Morin for allowing drug dealers into his home.

Gee. Coerced abortion or pissed-off (pregnant) cocaine user? A classic he-said-she-said. But in this case, he's not around to say anything.

Well, it appears we'll find out sooner rather than later how this case will be spun. LifeShite reports that the second hour of debate and vote have been moved up to December 13 and 15 from February.

I'm watching the FF's Facebook page, but so far they seem blissfully unaware of the potential of this case for their cause.

I wonder how the TheoCon Patriarchs will feel if the bill becomes law and presto! becomes all-purpose excuse for pregnant women to attack and kill men.

UPDATE: And here it is, first take on spin at LifeShite. 'See? See? This bill is desperately needed!'


WILLY said...

Got it, stay clear of pregnant women.

It's too bad though as I always thought they had such an appealing glow.

Thanks for the heads up.

deBeauxOs said...

WILLY said...
Got it, stay clear of pregnant women.

Specially if yo! WILLY got her/them in that, delicate condition.

Anonymous said...

ummmm....may sound silly but was the guy trying to give her an abortion himself? Like right then and there he came at her with.... an abortion type it was fetus defense...not self defense?

Barb Pearce

WILLY said...

For this Willy, my dear deBeaux that would be a true act of God. :)

fern hill said...

Barb: From the testimony, it's hard to tell what was happening. So far, it sounds to me like a verbal fight that became physical. She claims he kicked her in the stomach, but she was the first to go for a knife.

The trial continues, so there will be more confusing and contradictory evidence.

I just find it interesting that abortion was raised at all. Self-defense should be enough. But maybe a canny lawyer figuring that because Roxanne's Law is in the air, it couldn't hurt to claim that the guy was trying to coerce her into abortion.

deBeauxOs said...

Barb, what kind of "an abortion type tool"? A pencil? An upright vacuum? A melon baller?

According to the testimony, it was the defendant who was coked to the gills, not the guy who got stabbed and died. And wasn't she was the one holding the weapon that inflicted the fatal wounds?

fern hill said...

And. Also. She admits she had no serious injuries from the fight. While he would have died from any one of the FIVE stab wounds.

Beijing York said...

[W]hat kind of "an abortion type tool"? A pencil? An upright vacuum? A melon baller?

I nearly spat up my drink, lol.

Bina said...

A man's boot (with his foot in it) is now "an abortion type tool"? I must remember that if I ever get preggers. Snurk.

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