Thursday, 25 November 2010

The look of transparency is in your eyes ....

Well, looky here.

Citing unnamed government sources, the broadcaster said Wednesday night that the Investment Regulatory Organization of Canada is trying to determine why shares in Taseko Mines Ltd., fell nearly 40 per cent on Oct. 14, more than two weeks before the federal government announced that it was blocking the firm’s plans to develop the Prosperity Mine, a development 125 kilometres southwest of Prince George.

Federal officials fear that the steep drop in stock was caused by a leak of information that the development would be stopped, the broadcaster reported, adding that the decision was taken secretly, in hopes of preventing such stock market fluctuations.

And that's why Stevie and his Reformatory Party are called Cons. And leaky lying liars.

The departure of Jim Prentice, in this context, is verrrrry interesting.


fern hill said...

Good catch, dBO! Verrrry interesting indeed.

Beijing York said...

So many scandals and yet, none seem to have the traction of AdScam. I sure hope the media stays on top of this and the renovations kick-back scheme.

deBeauxOs said...

So many petty, venal scandals indeed.

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