Thursday, 25 November 2010

Testing ... testing ... is this thing turned on?

A notification sent in error by the University of Ottawa had students on Thursday believing a "violent aggressor" was on campus and that they should take cover.
In a text message to people on campus who signed up to a notification list, the university warned students of the lockdown but did not provide a location.

"LOCKDOWN in effect!" the notification read. "Violent aggressor (in/at XXX location). Stop all activities.""If possible, close and lock the door, and turn off lights. Silence cellphones. Keep away from doors and windows. If it is safe to do so, close blinds. Take cover and remain quiet until authorities instruct otherwise," it said.

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Vincent Lamontagne said the error message was sent out during routine testing of the system. As soon as staff realized the error, they took steps to stop the system from sending out the message to anyone else and took steps on the university’s website to notify people of the error.
Now if this had happened at Carleton aka Last Chance U, the staff including those who erroneously triggered the msg, would still be hiding in lock-down deep inside the bowels of that campus.

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