Friday, 12 November 2010

Just for HER.

Call me* me perverse, irreverent or twisted ... When I saw this political cartoon, I roared in laughter then immediately thought about Blob Blogging Wingnut and how SHE unendingly whines on and on about HER ideological opponent's illogic (while presenting convoluted leaps of HER own) ... And how so unfairly life has treated HER (thank g-d for the Vatican Taliban!) ... And the media conspiracy against what SHE terms the religious 'culture of life' (which seems rife with agonized emotions, holy retribution and grim suppression of the human spirit).


Beijing York said...

I think the cartoon would be more powerful if it were men.

deBeauxOs said...

Perhaps, but that would leave The Fetus©™ fetishizing forces of R.E.A.L. women and Blob Blogging Whinger in The Dark and Off Stage.

Beijing York said...

True enough.

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