Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Incompetence (Part Umpty-three)

So what does an inept but crime-obsessed government do when it can't manage to spend even half the budget for victims of crime because it can't find the people to write the damn cheques?

The Liberals say that the government's quarterly advertising report shows that $6 million was set aside to produce and run an ad campaign directed at victims of crime. Meanwhile, the recently released Public Accounts show that lapsed funding for the Victims of Crime Initiative last year amounted to just under $4 million, or 45 per cent of available funds, said the Liberal release.

I've been seeing the glurgey ad on telly and wondering WTF?

Now I know.

Incompetence + arrogance + hypocrisy = Harper regime.

Or, maybe they were saving it for Vic (Adulterer and Aide-Knocker-Upper) Toews's victims of unreported crime.

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Beijing York said...

That ad sucks. What exactly do the victims of crime get if they call that number?

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