Tuesday, 9 November 2010

But, but, Canada is lawless! ShriEEEkkk!!!

In other past news, The Fetus©™ fetishists are up to their old lying tricks - again.

Margaret Somerville - their Bee Queen - got trotted out for her annual 30-second sound bite because Right-to-Lies would rather not show a frothing-at-the-mouth, knickers-in-a-knot lunatic like John "Sperm Holocaust" Pacheco as their media rep.
[...] between the two poles of a spectrum from unrestricted availability of abortion throughout pregnancy – the present situation – to prohibiting it entirely, there is a wide variety of opinion and certainly no overall consensus on any given approach.
Somerville propagates many untruths and bits of truthiness in her opinion piece which is titled - in typical lying liars' fashion - "The Facts on Abortion". The quote above is typical. Medical practitioners provide the means to terminate pregnancies, which range from pharmaceutical to surgical, in the case of fetus which have ceased to develop in uterus.

There is NO "unrestricted availability" as she claims, but you can be certain that Somerville, her acolytes such as Blob Blogging Wingnut and the Vatican Taliban would enforce pregnancy as a gynophobic control over women's sexual and reproductive power if they could.

That is the purpose of Somerville's perorations.

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Beijing York said...

Why are they re-posting this article now? She is so dishonest, it's sickening.

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