Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More Sheep Looking Up

Continuing to work on my scheme of getting getting left and faaaar right working together to rid us of King Stevie. . .

At least one Blogging Tory has the sense and grace to be embarrassed by Doris's performance yesterday.

The blogger takes Doris's various idiocies apart, then goes on:
But I'm not done.. no, not by a long shot. Because at the end of the day, one of the major complaints that we, as conservatives have regarding previous Liberal governments is that they embark on questionable social programs, costing the tax payers billions of dollars, for purely political reasons - because it helps capture votes from their base.

Remember the Gun Registry?

So - as we let that sink in for a moment, it becomes abundantly apparent that our current Government, under Stephen Harper, is embarking upon a program to reach into my wallet and spend my hard-earned tax dollars, without any statistical or verifiable evidence that this new social engineering is necessary, or that it will have any impact on addressing the issue of crime in any event.

No - they are doing the same damn thing we complained the Liberals did with the Gun Registry.. and that makes us worse.

Because it's one thing to be stupid.

It's worse to be a stupid hypocrite.

Over on the Dark Side, on the same topic of building prisons for perpetrators of unreported crime, my Facebook friend (she is! we friended each other!) Connie said:
This government is giving me the creeps.

Another poster named LAR said:
The logic escaped me as well. I'm sure there's a lot of unreported crime but spending billions for more prisons isn't going to do anything about it.

Let's celebrate the solidifying union of lefties and righties, who agree -- for vastly different reasons of course -- that these ReformaTories are poison.

And let's celebrate it LOUDLY.

(Doncha love the smell of piss-soaked Conservative undies in the morning?)

MORE: Another Blogging Tory who thinks Doris is wrong on crime.
The problem is that it is very unclear why exactly crime is going unreported. Does it represent a lost faith in the police or the criminal justice system in general? Is it due to an immigrant population that have a natural mistrust of authority? Is it due to increased gang activity and the fear of reprisal? It would take a number of very comprehensive studies to discern the true cause of the decrease in crime reporting.

So if we don’t know the cause then how the hell do we know the solution?

Does increasing the prison population help to prevent crime that is not going reported? I can’t imagine any theoretical argument or empirical evidence that would support a claim that it would. If the Conservative government is really concerned about crime in Canada they should look into the causes and solutions to unreported criminal activity.

Imagine that. Another fan of facts among the BTs.

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Did Doris have a Field of Dreams nocturnal emission that "if he builds it, they will crimes"? This dinosaur has had his day...

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