Thursday, 1 July 2010

"Spectacular claims have emerged ..."

And none more spectacular than the sob story Toronto Police Chief Bill 'Five Metres of BS' Blair gave Christie Blatchford in an Exclusive interview. The sound you hear as you read the piece is that of Blatchie's panties sliding to the floor.

In a MASSIVE attempt to cover his derrière, Blair agonizes over a now-emerging propaganda "revelation" that generic Blak Blok anarkists derailed the arrival of a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan at the coroner's office.

The final chapter of the repatriation for Sergeant Jimmy MacNeil last Friday had to be cut short outside the coroner’s office in Toronto when Black Bloc anarchists tried to break through police lines to attack.

The revelation came during an hour-long interview Wednesday with Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, during which he also confessed he is worried about how the events of last weekend may have affected the “public trust” the force must have with its citizens.

At the time the cortège carrying Sgt. MacNeil’s body was arriving at the coroner’s office on Grosvenor Street, just two short blocks north of College Street, a group of about 30 demonstrators dressed in black moved out of a crowd of 2,000 who had massed in front of police headquarters on College.

“The Black Bloc was here and they charged up the thing [laneway], as a matter of fact the repatriation was kind of interrupted,” Chief Blair said. “My public order guys ran through the lines that we had to close off the alley that they were trying to get up [to Grosvenor] with.”

Further on in the Globe & Mail piece, 'I luvs me a MAN in uniform' Blatchford claims this "revelation" was only "mentioned" in the context of an answer about the "temporary regulation designating the area of the G20 Summit as a place where the Public Works Protection Act would apply".

What-evah, Christie. Perhaps you are dazzled by Chief Blair's charms, but those of us - who are not swooning to our knees in his presence - suspect his strategically timed interview with you is all part and parcel of a furious attempt of revisionism and retroactive justification.

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Dave said...

And now, it appears, Blair invented that story too! Colour me "surprised".

deBeauxOs said...

Oh what tangled web he (Blair) did weave when first he practiced to deceive, to borrow from a well-known quote.

At what point will Blair stop digging himself and the police force in deeper and deeper with his lies?

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