Monday, 26 July 2010

Rationality and good sense VS Ideology and batshitcrazy

Rationality and good sense:

The national body that advises Statistics Canada and the chief statistician called Monday for the restoration of the long-form census, along with the removal of the threat of jail time for not completing it and reform of the planning process for the next census, in 2016.

The National Statistics Council, a 40-member panel of prominent analysts and researchers from across Canada, issued a statement expressing concern about the government's plans to make the mandatory long-form census a voluntary survey, urging a series of reforms and compromises instead.

"We believe that the changes will harm the integrity and quality of the Canadian statistical system," Ian McKinnon, chair of the council, said of the Conservative government's plans. "At the same time, the council recognizes that concerns about intrusiveness and confidentiality should be addressed."

The council believes Canadians "should not be overburdened by intrusive demands for unnecessary information," the statement said, but loss of the mandatory long-form data will leave a "serious gap" in the snapshot of Canadian society and its portrait of change over time. There are just a few weeks left to make changes to either the long-form census or the voluntary National Household Survey proposed to replace it if the census is to go ahead as planned in May 2011, the council said, but discussion of the issue has ground to halt.

"Debate over the future course of the census has become heated without moving toward a resolution that meets both concerns about privacy and intrusiveness, as well as the need to maintain the quality of Canada's statistical system," McKinnon wrote.

Ideology and batshitcrazy: The mouthpieces and Attack Parrots™© the PMO keeps trotting out - Flaherty, Clement, Day and Bernier - regurgitate "half-truths, red herrings, misdirection, scaremongering, and a straw man or two" over and over again to support Stevie Peevie's unilateral and monomaniacal decision.

The knuckle-draggers and ReformaTory minions who keep popping up in the comments after each news article that brings new facts forward also keep shrieeeking the same points.

"But, but, but, questions about bedrooms!!!" As these thugs, goons and bullies desperately try to Con-vince us that brave, brave HarperCons are protecting the Canadian people against the invasion of their privacy, the National Statistics Council would like to remind us that there are no census questions - and never were - about what folks do in their bedrooms.

From fern hill: I was going to blog on that but deBeauxOs was faster and no doubt more elegant than I would have been.

This census dealie is blowing up real good for the Cons. Now the seniors are miffed and they tend to vote and vote Conservative. (See the CARP poll here or zip to the quite comprehensive results here.)

BONUS TRACK: Go read Chet who doesn't want to be a Canadian idiot. (Fat chance, Chet.)

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