Sunday, 25 July 2010

Keeping score of the Harper Cons' Lying Circus stunts.

Another minister has just been shoved onstage. Jim "When Irish Eyes Are SmiLying" Flaherty claims:

“My experience with Canadians is that when you ask them to do something for the good of the country, they'll do it voluntarily,” Mr. Flaherty told The Canadian Press over the weekend. The finance minister is the latest member of the Tory cabinet to defend the Conservative government's decision to scrap the long census and replace it with an optional one.

Mr. Flaherty said he thinks census data can be collected voluntarily without being compromised.

He thinks. Without even checking the PMO-supplied cheat sheet that features all the speaking points to date, plus the newly minted prevarications.

So far Tony "Soprano" Clement, Stockwell "Doris" Day and Maxime "Beaucebasket" Bernier (ex-minister but putative dauphin) have been sent out to justify what may be the most idiotic ReformaTory decision to date.

If this petard foisted by Harper's New©™ Government wasn't the latest nail Stevie Peevie and his bullies are pounding in the coffin destined to bury democracy in Canada, it would be downright hilarious. The Cons' performances at the Industry, Science and Technology Committee meeting on Tuesday will be entertaining and infuriating, no doubt.


Beijing York said...

The fact that such a sad collection of intellectually challenged losers have so much power is very distressing.

Beijing York said...

Love the new photo, dBO! LOL.

Luna said...

Oh sure, Canadians will voluntarily do what's right for Canada. Like voting. That's at 100% compliance, right? And really, if we're doing what's right for Canada, why are those bastards still in office?

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