Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Call the Cops!

Or email them.

According to a commenter at Maclean's, one can email any York Regional Police officer using badge number followed by


It was York Regional Police who told passers-by that they weren't in Canada anymore and didn't have civil rights.

If the number on the epaulet is the badge number, I can make out 1775, 8952, 9422, and the head honcho has a three digit number. I think it's 815, maybe 813. Or?

Again. Hm.

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Anonymous said...

I was just over at G20exposed where they featured several pictures of the guy who trashed the police car in his $650 Arcteryx jacket. He wasn't featured in the "most wanted list" photos in the Toronto Star today. Does anyone have any idea if he's been apprehended? That would be a news story.

Perp walk, perp walk, perp walk...


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