Thursday, 10 June 2010

Jesus, He's Everywhere

Images of Jesus turn up in the darnedest places. On toast, potato chips, grilled cheese sandwiches. (Hm, what is it about Jesus and food, especially junk food?)

He's also been known to appear on small household appliances.

And, of course, who could forget Dog-Butt Jesus?

Now Christianists in the UK have stirred the abortion advert pot with Ultrasound Jesus.

Supposedly a Christmas campaign (the text reads: He’s on His Way: Christmas starts with Christ), some see it as a not-very-subtle anti-abortion message.

'It's not', the Christianists say and add: 'Like, what's up with you secularists, seeing anti-abortion messages on everything -- toast and Cheetos and dog butts? Are you nuts?'


deBeauxOs said...

oh-ho-ho ... from the pic on that ultra-sound, I'd say that Gawd's cock-ring slipped into Mary's uterus along with all those sperms.

rww said...

has he turned up on the fake lake yet

fern hill said...

rww: oooo, I wish I had mad photoshop skillz.

dBO: And that kind of remark is why you're going to hell. See ya there. ;)

Bina said...

No, no, it's Mary's had an Epic Fail!

k'in said...

Dog-butt Jesus - who knew?

Wish I had read this earlier, BEFORE I gave the dog a bath. Now the bathtub drain is plugged. Do you suppose that the poor little Jesus fella got rinsed off and is stuck? This does not auger well....

deBeauxOs said...

Oh goodie. Based on that comment, you're going straight to hell too, k'in. That's the good news.

The bad news is that fern hill and I will likely get there before you. We'll make sure the wine bar is well stocked though, in preparation for your arrival.

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