Monday, 24 May 2010

To the fainting couches!


UK fetus fetishists are doing their nut over this telly ad, billed as
'the first UK TV commercial to offer advice on abortion services' set to air this evening.

Really. One spokesthingy for a ff gang in, predictably, Northern Ireland where abortion is still illegal, called it 'grotesque'.

Do they have dictionaries in NI?

Marie Stopes, the UK equivalent of Planned Parenthood, is the sponsor.
Marie Stopes said it took the decision to screen the commercial after a study found fewer than half of UK adults knew where to go for specialist advice about an unplanned pregnancy other than their GP. It also found that 76% of adults believed adverts for services offering advice on unplanned pregnancy should be allowed on television at "appropriate times".

76% of adults in the UK are, well, adult. But UK fetish fetishists are even frailer than ours.

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