Wednesday, 19 May 2010

You've Lost, So STFU!

This is refreshing. Someone in the MSM talks straight, tells the truth, and slaps the fetus fetishists upside the head.

Mindelle Jacobs:
Pro-life? Get over it!

The anti-choice crowd would have you believe that Canada is in serious moral and legal disarray because we haven't had an abortion law for two decades.

Their tactics are appalling. They wave around placards with photos of bloody fetuses from late-term abortions when the reality is that almost all abortions are performed in the first trimester.

In the minds of the most fervent abortion opponents, such as Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet, abortion is akin to murder even in the case of rape.

They would dearly love to ban all abortion but that would result, of course, in only desperate and poor women being forced to have unwanted babies. Rich women with connections have always been able to discreetly end unwanted pregnancies, whether legal or not.

She's got a bunch of actually accurate facty-facts on abortion, too.

Then she winds up:
Good luck to the whole pathetic lot of them. They've lost the war and they just can't stand that they no longer have the power to control women's bodies.

And never will. Because we will not shut the fuck up.

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