Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Quebec to HarpoCons: Join the 21st Century Already

Or, as the Winnipeg Free Press styles it, Enough with the ambiguity over abortion.
The Quebec legislature has taken aim at the Harper government over the abortion issue.

Politicians on both sides of the chamber unanimously adopted a pro-choice motion today.

That motion demands that the federal government continue respecting free access to abortion, end its ambiguity on the issue, and stop cutting funding to women's groups that favour abortion.

The unanimous -- that means every single democratically elected representative of the people, right? -- motion will be sent to the federal House and Senate.

DJ! to Quebec: Have we told you lately how much we *heart* you?


Anonymous said...

Canada is not Canada without Quebec. Canada without Quebec would turn into the United States of Alberta.


Anonymous said...

My Canada includes Quebec.

ck said...

As a Quebecer, I thank you all for your comments.

Cold North Wind said...

Dammit Janit- I am so pleased to be a Quebec resident !Thank you for -talking up the totally rational and comprehending "move" our National Assembly made !

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