Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Should women fall to their knees in gratitude?

Their Pomposities Ayatollah Ouellet and Archbishop Prendergass are multiplying their entreaties for those poor wimmin victimized by men, families and society that pressure them to submit to abortions.

No, the above is not satire. Ayatollah Ouellet, who flapped and flopped around in the last few weeks - issuing edicts, has been joined by Prendergass in some ecclesiastical round robin of "The More, the Fetus©™ Fetishizier".

And Ayatollah Ouellet (it's said he is grooming himself for popehood) is keen to wrap himself in the cloak of persecution by claiming his words were distorted:

On Wednesday, Ouellet told reporters that he was "a bit surprised by the magnitude of the reaction" to his comments, which he said had been "twisted" and taken out of context.

"They took one small phrase and created a weapon … to discredit me," Ouellet said.

From here.

In his press conference, Ayatollah Ouellet called on the different levels of government to provide pregnant women in distress with support and to enact laws that will limit women's access to a safe medical procedure.

In other news, the Vatican Taliban said that it would be happy to pay the bill for universally accessible and free 24/7 infant and toddler childcare but unfortunately, the religious institution is facing an increasing number of expensive lawsuits from women and men who were sexually abused as children, by Roman Catholic pedophile priests. "If only those wretches would find forgiveness in their hearts and drop their demands for a cash settlement, look what we could pay for!"


Alison said...

Was the misspelling of Prendergast deliberate? I am interested, in a strange way, in what he had to say. I knew him prior to his elevation to Archbishophood, and he always struck me as a highly intelligent individual, or as intelligent as someone who believes in myths, and who had a fairly realistic insight into the RC Church's faults and foibles. Of course, too much ambition can completely warp one's views. Do you have any links?

deBeauxOs said...

Indeed it was. I even toyed with Prendergassy.

From the news items I read, and radio reports I heard, his role with regard to Ayatollah Ouellet seemed more symbolic & supportive than active.

Before Prendergast landed in Ottawa, both Blob Blogging Wingnut and John "Sperm Holocaust" Paycheck were some sort of pretentious muckamucks around the archdiocese. I suspect that they and their noisy cabal are pressuring Prendergast to suck up to the Ayatollah.

Alison said...

I thought Ouellet's appeal to his influence on government was rather telling :

"With my colleague, the Archbishop of Ottawa, who like me has close tes to governments, I am appealing to the conscience of my fellow Canadians, women and men, so that together we may one day call for a change in this unjust situaton in our country – the current legal void in aborton matters."

deBeauxOs said...

Close ties to governments? ... why aren't they registered lobbyists then, just like other multinational corporations have to be, in order to record their meetings with politicians and bureaucrats for the purpose of influencing government policies and legislation?

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