Friday, 2 April 2010

Successful Facebook Activism

Yesterday, RH Reality Check was reporting that the Forced Birth Gang were aaallll over that Lilith Fair gaffe -- including crisis pregnancy centers among charities that this year's femipalooza might support.

Here's Big Nurse Jill telling her flying monkeys to get out there and you know, votey-vote-vote.

RH Reality Check also noted that Lie-La Rose, not surprisingly for the scheming, lying imp that she is, had posted relevant linkies on her Facebook page with similiar nudge-nudge-wink-winks.

On Wednesday, LifeShite had a remarkably straightforward account:
Back in the 1990s, the Lilith Fair tour was one of the most people concert draws* of the time -- with millions of people flocking to venues and festivals to see mostly female alternative rock and pop artists. Organizers of the tour, which had a distinct liberal, feminist, bent have brought it back -- with a twist.

The Summer 2010 Lilith Fair team announced a "Choose Your Charity" campaign through which Facebook users were able to vote from a pre-selected group of charities.

Those selected will receive $1 for every ticket sold in each concert city -- potentially generating tens of thousands of dollars for charities involved.

To the surprise of pro-life advocates, the Lilith Fair team included pregnancy centers in the mix of groups and the Facebook users who voted decided to award them as their charity to receive the funds.
(*Though I'm not sure what a 'people concert draw' is.)

Well, after the Facebook furore, Lilith Fair organizers have removed the fake clinics from consideration.

Here's LifeShite whinging today:
Four days after it first received national attention for including crisis pregnancy centers in its list of potential charity recipients, organizers of the typically pro-abortion Lilith Fair dropped them from consideration. Officials also dropped a pro-abortion group but kept another and kept a group of maternity homes.

LifeShite suggests readers complain at Lilith Fair's FB and twitter pages, linkies helpfully provided.

Now, if we could just get that CAPP Facebook thingie to work as well.

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