Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Martyrgasm Times Two

First, Frank Chauvin finally got around to returning his Order of Canada that was so sullied -- in this angry old guy's view -- by the award made to Dr Morgentaler. JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie lays on the snark and updates us with the actual count of honours returned -- six. Wow. Six of more than 6,000. That's a snowstorm of outrage, I tell ya.

Next up, those krazy kidz at the University of Calgary are at it again.
The University of Calgary is threatening to expel a group of students who refused to move a graphic anti-abortion display on campus.

The eight students, who took part in a Campus Pro-Life display, received letters from the school earlier this month advising that they had violated the non-academic misconduct policy.

The group made headlines in November 2008 for displaying posters of aborted fetuses. It had refused university administrators' requests to make the posters — which compared abortion to the Holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda — less visible, and also ignored a letter threatening legal action.

That would the the Genocide Awareness Project or GAP, which indeed demonstrates a gaping lack of intelligence.

But, hey, it revs up the ChristoTalibani fetus fetishists. This kid sounds quite biblical, don't you think?
"I was kind of like, well, this could be the end of university for me," said Cameron Wilson, 19, who is scheduled to appear at a university hearing on Friday, along with the seven other students.

Flanked by his supporters, Wilson was unapologetic about the anti-abortion display as he made a statement in front of media on Monday.

"Punish us however you wish. But our conviction shall not change and we shall not alter our actions based on intimidation," he said.

He cranks up the bible-talk for LieShite.
Eight pro-life students at the University of Calgary (UofC), faced with possible expulsion for their activism, gathered this morning to deliver a simple message to their university: “Do unto us whatever you desire, punish us however you wish; but our convictions shall not change, and we shall not alter our actions based on intimidation.”

They've lawyered up with the Canadian Constitution Foundation, defenders of free speech and would-be destroyers of medicare. Shona Holmes is also a client.

The university should deny these ijits their martyrgasms and leave it to the sensible students like these at the University of Ohio to just mock them.
Considerably smaller groups of around a dozen women and some men stood (and sat) in opposition with signs hand painted or made with marker on hardstock.

"Keep GAP off campus," read one of their signs. Another read, "Stop exploiting the Holocaust."


"Spermicide is genocide!" caterwauled two students.

"I'm bored. I have a lot of pent up sexual frusturation," said one, giving his name as Kolonel Kolumbus and age as more than 400. The two stood on the curb next to the barricade. "I'm disturbed by the images," said his friend Yossarian, 21, declining to give his last name.

One student activist, Alex Altman, standing with the Vox activists similarly lampooned GAP's heavy-handed method. "My argument to them is 'Why nine months before birth?' I'll protect them nine months and a few days."

He had drawn a large sperm on posterboard, cut a hole in it for people to place their heads for a photo, and a speech bubble that said "Please don't kill me!"

Altman created his own groups with their own mandates, Citizens United against Masturbation, and Justice for Innocent Spermatozoa.

Well, they've had practice. This is the eleventh time GAP has been to this campus.


Dr.Dawg said...

JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie lays on the snark and updates us with the actual count of honours returned -- six.

Three from beyond the grave.

deBeauxOs said...


With them, it's all about the pre-born and the post-dead.

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