Friday, 27 November 2009


Who knew this was still going on?

The Federal Court: 'Get over it already.'
A Federal Court ruling this week has said that the Governor General's highly controversial induction of Canada's "father of abortion," Henry Morgentaler, into the Order of Canada last summer cannot be legally contested.

In a decision released this week, Order-inductee Frank Chauvin's application for a federal court review of the award was rejected on the grounds that it is "plain and obvious that [it] cannot succeed."

Remember Frank Chauvin, one of the recipients of the Order so pissed off that he vowed to return it way back in July 2008?
Local Order of Canada recipient Frank Chauvin is returning his award to protest the appointment of abortion activist Dr. Henry Morgentaler to the order.

"Yes, it's definitely going," Chauvin said Thursday from his Windsor home. "I don't want to be painted with the same brush as Morgentaler. It's definitely going back."

Well. Seems he hasn't. Yet.
"I have been quoted in the media as intending to return my award," said Mr. Chauvin in response to the news of the decision. "I may yet do so, but I first wanted Canadians to have a chance to take a close look at what can happen when an Advisory Council abandons a consensus model and uses the award to advance a highly divisive view, in this case the effective promotion of the tragedy of abortion in Canada."

I guess he's not done stomping his tiny feet.

Old white men. They're so cute when they're angry.


Mentarch said...

I hope I won't become like that when I get this age ...

(keeping fingers crossed)

deBeauxOs said...

The chances that you'll become a crusty reactionary religious zealot rightwingnutter curmodgeon are slight to none, I'd think.

CK said...

"Old white men. They're so cute when they're angry."

Yeah, and so are young white men who exaggerate about blogs when they're pouting. But I digress...

Who wants to take bets? Will he: or Won't he give that award back. Can't believe he took that through the courts. I'm surprised those judges even entertained the idea of even hearing this case. Must be a slow year.

Frank Frink said...

No, he won't give it back. It's pretty and shiny... and precioussssssss. ;-)

jj said...

Oh, I didn't know you blogged about this or I would have linked to you. I just saw it in my google alerts and laughed my ass off and had to post about it right away.

I wonder if they'll appeal? Hahahaha!

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