Friday, 23 April 2010

Is God being cruel to Scott Roeder?

After all, the murderous fetus fetishist claimed to have acted in His Name.

Alas, His servant is now serving time in jail and Roeder does not like it one bit; he has filed a complaint about his treatment there.  The news report is followed by comments such as:

On a certain level, I have compassion for any human being in prison. I would never wish prison rape or any of the other horrors of our American prisons visited on anyone, not even Roeder.

But I sure do not feel sorry for him now that the reality of life in prison has so thoroughly cleared his mind of the religious delusions.

I just want to say: Scott Roeder, you should have left "God's work" to him. God can manage his own universe without your help, thank you very much. If you had minded your own business, Dr. Tiller would still be alive - women would still be able to recieve the medical help they need - and you would still be free to roam happily about the country as a crazy person.

Too late now for regrets. Enjoy your new accomodations provided by the good citizens of the State of Kansas. And by the way, there are innocent people in prison who are doing their time like men, so sit down and shut up. You deserve to be there.


I wonder if he has ever stomped his way back to his cell, whining "I wish I'd never been born!"

How long will it take before Roeder starts trading information about the nature of the support his accomplices provided in the killing of Dr Tiller, in exchange for "better" treatment?

We do hope that the caged bird will sing - loudly.

Un grand merci to our regular reader Croghan for the tip.


Niles said...

Call it me interpreting psychically between the lines, but I can't help but feel Roeder is actually strategerizing along with the political movement that doesn't recognize the state's control over their 'free' bodies. Something about the line regarding he first petitioned it himself and it being about the government's right to hold someone, it just puts up a tiny flag to me.

Dave Neiwert has done a lot of writing about those militia types that do faux-lawyering to 'liberate' themselves from state control. Apparently there are templates from which people can work, in the full belief that once they file this paperwork, they're washed of having to obey US rules and laws.

Any proof of that would be ironic of course, because Roeder was acting to control womens' bodies with his murder of the doctor.

vw: aingra. as in: 'he was verra aingra at the libruls'

Luna said...

"I just want to say: Scott Roeder, you should have left "God's work" to him. God can manage his own universe without your help, thank you very much."

Gah. This just irritates me. God can *only* work through people. Honestly, do these people think that God just reaches a hand down and manipulates shit? IF that were true, would it not be totally obvious to everyone?! Stupid.

I'm one of those whackjobs that believes God's law supercedes the law of the land, but I don't think they really collide that often (ever?). So, I follow the law of the country because those laws tend to be for society's best interest (with some exceptions). And I don't do things I could legally do because they're Wrong (in a God sense). There's really no contradiction. It's not like the law says I can't do things God says I have to. That whole Thou Shalt Not Kill thing is pretty clear, IMO. It doesn't say, Thou Shalt Not Kill (unless you think that person you're killing is a killer himself).

This guy is just an asshole.

Yeah, I'm rambly today. WAY too much coffee. Way too much stress. Way too little food.

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