Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Demise of Another Catholic Racket

Gee, with all the crap flying around the Catlick Church, one would think they wouldn't have the time or energy for this nonsense:
The Archdiocese of Baltimore filed a federal lawsuit against the city Monday, saying a first-in-the-nation ordinance regulating pregnancy counseling centers violates the rights of church members to freedom of speech and religion.

Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien said the law, which took effect in January, "is hurting the good people volunteering and giving so much of their resources to come to the help of pregnant women." It requires the centers, some of which are supported by the Catholic Church, to post signs stating that they do not refer women for abortion or birth control.

Well, they don't. So, like, what's the problem with a little truth in advertising?

As we crowed reported here, some good hard work by Maryland Planned Parenthood convinced Baltimore's city councillors that CPCs do more harm than good to vulnerable women, starting with pretending that they are real women's clinics that might perform or refer for abortion or birth control.

Then they continue with a bunch of tactics intended to prevent a woman from getting an abortion by scaring her with lies, threatening her chances of getting into hevvin, guilt-tripping and manipulating her, and, very often, running her around with appointments and more appointments until it's too bloody late for her to get a relatively inexpensive termination.

The archbishop doesn't want the sciencey-facty-researchy people messing with his racket.

Or, as Jodi Jacobson at RH Reality Check sums up:
Forcing medical professionals to perform and forcing women to comply with unnecessary and costly counseling and "medical" procedures; forcing women to endure unnecessary waiting periods, and suffer through medically inaccurate and/or outright false information not to mention other restrictions is ok. Treating women of all ages as juveniles is also ok.

Requiring CPCs to provide accurate truth-in-advertising about the legal services it does not provide to avoid ensnaring women into a system that will lie to them is not ok?

Who's compelling who?

By the way, the city solicitor expected this move and is confident the law will stand, comparing it to a requirement that businesses display their hours of operation.

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How dare the government tell them to tell women the truth?

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