Monday, 23 November 2009

Sanity and Decency Winnin' a Little

Yee-haw! Truth in advertising, indeed. For the first time in the US, an elected body has decided to force the manipulative Xian Talibaners at so-called crisis pregnancy centers/centres to stop lying. Bravo, Baltimore!

Sadly, though, they won't have to post signs like this.

And dig the margin by which it passed.
The bill, which passed the council by a 12-3 vote, awaits a decision by Mayor Sheila Dixon, who could sign it, veto it or allow it to become law without her signature. Dixon supports abortion rights but has not indicated whether she backs the plan.

So much for those wacky polls claiming that opinion is swinging towards forced-pregnancy in the USA. Heck, even David Frum calls it the 'pro-life delusion'.

Kudos also to Pro-Choice Maryland and Crisis Pregnancy Center Watch.

And if you missed it, go here to read the testimony of a former CPC volunteer who describes their practice of targetting 'abortion vulnerable' women (i.e. those considering abortion) and ignoring the real needs of poor women who want to continue their pregnancies.

May there be many more such successes.

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