Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Why does Coulter dress like a skank?

It's okay to look like a skank if the other part of your act is to trumpet your fundamentalist rightwing Christian creds, declaring that Jews need to be perfected.

That's how a performance artist like Ann Coulter can afford an apartment in Manhattan and a house in Palm Beach. Though she's probably not getting the big munnee - $250K per public appearance that Sarah Palin demands.

She could crank up her wardrobe by selecting this brassiere style, popular in Joe McCarthy's time.

Why is Coulter doing a lecture tour in Canada, anyway? Has her stand-up routine become passé in the US? Are Teabaggers Tea Party Patriots not offering her gigs?

It's ironic the US neocon palate for vile trash talk that Coulter cultivated has shifted even further right and left her in the dust, opting for the batshit crazy ranting of someone like Representative Michelle Bachman instead.

Oh, and go read what Dr Dawg says about Coulter and her supporters' success in spinning a mild letter from a university official into yet another purported censorship VS free speech confrontation. Is it kosher to mention Ezra Levant's involvement in this attention-mongering circus?

ADDED by fh: Cancelled skank.


k'in said...

The Coultergeist is all about making noise to get a reaction. But there's nothing there. Her book sales are declining so time to mine those secondary markets. Yeah, make her an offer: http://www.yaf.org/SpeakerDetails.aspx?id=72&terms=COULTER

[meeow]Surely the luminous bra is meant to draw attention away from her adam's apple, no? She looks like Howard Stern in drag...[/meeow]

Beijing York said...

I heard she canceled her U of O engagement because she didn't feel safe [cue tiny violin]. I hope they got their money back.

Next time the Alumni Association calls back, I think I'll let them know that their decision to even host this rabid, hateful, pseudo-columnist was enough to put me off being associated with U of O.

Unknown said...

I don't care how she dresses or what she looks like -- she's a liar, a fascist and a hatemonger. Her soul is ugly.

Mandos said...

Ew, this was the Alumni Association? At U of O? Just, ew.

Beijing York said...

^^^ Not that I know of. But I'm guessing Concordia or McGill would never invite such an irrelevant ass to speak at their universities.

Actually, who did invite her? Young Conservatives on Campus?

deBeauxOs said...

Bingo. That was the host organization on the campus of U of O.

The group's incompetence with regard to physical organization appears to be the main reason that the event was a MASSIVE FUBAR.

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