Thursday, 4 March 2010

NewsFlash: ReformaTories' Key New©™ Speaking Points.

Since the beginning of the reign of Stevie the Spiteful, the ReformaTories have observed the same standard operating mode when dealing with communications.

  1. Hammer out the fundamental lie untruth premise.
  2. Spin it out in small words that the sycophants can understand and deploy.
  3. Include some version of "But ... but ... but ... the Liberuls!!!!" or "But ... but ... but ... the evul Opposition!!!!"
  4. Send out a trial balloon in the francophone media.
  5. Crank up the fax machines.
The "trial balloon" of the day is the dishonourable member for Jonquières-Alma, Jean-Pierre Blackburn.

Just minutes ago, he was speaking in forked tongues on Radio-Canada, churning and frothing away, as he bloviated le sapin du jour.

Shorter Blackburn and PMO propaganda: The Opposition is preventing Harper's Government from "progressing".

Listen for it. That's the basic message the ReformaTory orcs will be spewing in defense of the budget, to deflect criticism from the loyal Opposition.

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