Wednesday, 3 March 2010

DJ! Supports the Throne Speech

Well, one bit of it. Changing the lyrics of O Canada.

I've always balked at 'all thy sons' and thought: 'What am I, chopped liver?'

Of course, considering the source, Motherhood Steve, it's complete bullshit as any kind of progressive or woman-friendly move.

And, oh, look. Iggy agrees.
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said the initiative to change the lyrics is the kind of "symbolic gesture" the Conservative government makes when it doesn't want to do anything real.

"Anything that makes a national anthem more gender-sensitive is a good thing," he told CBC News.

"But, I mean, no disrespect to those who feel strongly on this issue, but, for heaven's sake, we have some very important challenges and every time the government is asked to do something real, it does something symbolic.

"There's lots of things to do for women that are more important than changing the words of the national anthem, just as there are lots of things to do for pensioners and seniors that are more important than having a Seniors Day."

But the best part?

It's pissing off their base base. Viz, the Freaks.

A sample comment:
Another example of bowing to the demands of the 'Socialist Republic of Quebecistan.' Its bad enough that some francophones embarrsed the country inter-nationally about the so called lack of french spoken at the Olympic opening ceremonies.

Who do the Tories think they are, LIEberals Shame on you

Which yet again demonstrates the reading comprehension skills of the knuckle-draggers. The ReformaTories' proposed change applies to the English lyrics only.


Anonymous said...

Stupidity is the basic building block of the Con party, so I guess they have Evolved? That's prolly a dirty word for them, it's too close to, oh I dunno, vulva, volvO, eve, Woof! *wags tail*

Beijing York said...

What a grand gesture. So typical of Harper.

It's kind of like the apology for residential schools. Another fig leaf gesture given that he has done dick to resolve poverty and outstanding treaty claims when it comes to First Nations. (And don't even get me started on that back room deal to fund Youth for Christ with millions of infrastructure money...)

Cari said...

I wish they would mature..trying to change one word is ridiculous and wanting women's votes for many women are thinking of the word "sons" all the time..who cares? And the Seniors Day is for what?

deBeauxOs said...


Francophobic rightwing bigot isn't even able to write competently in English.

Bina said...

In my mind, I've always changed that line to something more pagan: "In all thy Sun's command..." Much more poetic!

Anonymous said...

Seniors Day = Shoppers Drug

Boom Boom said...

"Quebecistan"??? That's the best laugh I've had today.

Anonymous said...

If he really wanted to piss off the base, he could get rid of the "God" line too.

Antonia Z said...

I love Seniors Day at SDM. 20% off everything plus piped in Boomer music.

Niles said...

Given the talking opinatas coming out of the asturfroots or 'froots', it *does* seem like they're looking to stir trouble up against feminists for being the parties 'responsible' for the change, which suits the Cons fine.

And when feminists say f'goobers sake on the list of things to be done for women in this country that's so far down the list, they get to blink innocently, sigh martyrdly and go on about how they've tried, the great poobah knows they've tried to accommodate the nasty girls, but women are so....inconsistent.

Just explain to me again why the Cons are doing as well as they're doing in the polls and seats when women make up 51 percent of the population.

fern hill said...

Beats the hell outta me, Niles. Any woman who'd vote for a ReformaTory needs her head examined.

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