Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Men impregnating women against their will?

According to a recent report, 25% in a group of female patients surveyed said they had experienced "reproductive coercion". This percentage may be higher or lower in other communities.

The research report, “Pregnancy coercion, intimate partner violence and unintended pregnancy,” highlights a phenomenon we labeled reproductive coercion to describe explicit male behaviors to promote pregnancy. Particularly for women with a history of partner violence, these behaviors are significantly linked with unintended pregnancy.

Such reproductive coercion takes many forms, but frequently involves a male partner’s direct interference with a woman’s use of contraception (‘birth control sabotage’). It includes removing condoms during sex to get her pregnant, intentional breaking of condoms, and preventing her from taking birth control pills.

SUZY ALL-CAPS would probably justify their actions in a number of ways.

  1. It's for women's own good. If God gave them wombs, He wants them to breed.

  2. The Pill Kills!!! It's heroic to replace oral contraceptives with fakes or to flush them.

  3. Condoms Kill!!! Won't someone think about the sperm Holocaust?

  4. Women Lie!!! They say their husbands or lovers sabotaged their birth control but can we really trust what they say? After all, those murderous sluts enjoy having abortions.

  5. A whole bunch of religious celibate men (also known as the Vatican Taliban) don't believe in contraception. Get with the program.
That's probably how Blob Blogging Wingnut - The Queen of The Fetus©™ Fetishists - would defend their behaviour.

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