Saturday, 2 January 2010

All shrieeekkk!!! - no substance.

"Dr" Melissa Clouthier - neither medical doctor nor physician but someone with a chiropractic degree from a US institution - leads with her blogpost headline:
Pregnancy Center Burned: Domestic Abortion-Rights Terrorists Suspected?
When you read the mostly cut'n'paste text, nothing in the reported facts supports Clouthier's claim.

From the original story at Lifeshite:

[...]whoever started the fire vandalized televisions, VCRs and other equipment before setting the blaze in the back of the building[...]
That suggests someone with a specific gripe against that particular CPC. Or perhaps the arson is a cover for some crooked insurance claim - since The Fetus©™ fetishists opened the door to wild, unfounded accusations.

It's not as though
operators of US-based CPCs are known for rigorously upholding ethical standards. Their flim-flam techniques have been well-documented.

Update: Go read what JJ's investigative skills dug up: How anti-choice propaganda works.


JJ said...

Chiropractor? Say no more.

Where does she say all this stuff? I couldn't find it on her blog.

Mrs. Bitch said...

WTF? I've searched all over and can only find fundie Christian sites lamenting that this is the work of pro-choice fanatics. The only semi-MSM site to even acknowledge that this happened is USA today, and they have absolutely nothing on the person(s) who committed the crime.

If these people have proof of who did this they really need to be adding some links or referrals so that they don't sound like the complete idiots that they are. The few that I could stomach reading accused pro-choicers of wanting to get rid of any clinics that offer alternatives to abortion. Yeah, that's right - we want every baby aborted. We're going to start hitting hospital delivery rooms next.

Aaaaarrrrgh! Just because they feel no woman should be allowed to have an abortion, they assume all pro-choicers feel no woman should be allowed to have a baby. Their stupidity is mind boggling.

These people are so irrational that psychotropic meds might be helpful.

deBeauxOs said...

JJ, I won't link to Clouthier. It's easy to find her with Google, but I sent you an email with the blogsite.

JJ said...

Thanks for the email, yeah, I found her on the googles. These people are such bullshitters, it's not even funny!!!

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