Monday, 7 December 2009

Some types of gun violence have "racial" origins, it seems.

Norman Spector, blogging for the Globe & Mail from the ivory tower of his pristine perspective on commerce, diplomacy and politics, opines that the media should have been more diligent in reporting from the outset specific details about the "racial" ancestry of the Polytechnique Massacre shooter.

Dr Dawg deftly cuts through Spector's ponderous blather to the point of his pontification.

Could this line of inquiry regarding race and violence be applied to other explosions of violence for which, some might also argue, "There's never been a satisfactory explanation.” ?

Valery Fabrikant's "racial" ancestry was also disregarded by the media who reported on the Concordia murders and the shooter's trial. And what of Phil Spector, also found guilty of a heinous crime involving guns?

Norman Spector might want to consider his own gynophobic "creds" before producing such malevolent verbiage.


Grand merci to lagatta whose recollection of the Concordia shooting inspired this post.

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Bina said...

Hmmm, I wonder if Norm and Phil might be related. Certainly they're both woman-hating nutjobs.

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