Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Attack of the killer tomatoes - the sequel 2

A man attempted to pelt Sarah Palin with tomatoes during a book signing at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Both messy missiles launched from a balcony missed the former vice presidential candidate but one caught Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehik right in the puss. That got Olson busted for suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct. He also may be charged with assaulting a cop.
Two things. One, according to Liesite, all those women who detest Palin are eaten up with envy.

The guy who expressed his displeasure in the classic manner reserved for bad circus acts is clearly not a teabagger captivated with Sarah's MILF mojo.

Second, don't you find it interesting that a police commander is assigned the task of providing security for a book-signing event?

This bodes well for future Palin appearances. What will be the next fruit or vegetable that will be launched in her direction? Rotten turnips? Bruised apples? How about a few months-old slimy teabags?

Salsa update: From JJ at old unrepentant hippie: You say tomato .... I say "INCOMING!!!"

Oh noes! C.C. stirs the pot:
Tomatoes ... high-powered rifles ... yeah, that's a tossup, I guess, too. And also.

Associated Press news clip here.


David V. said...

That's an interesting legal puzzle. Is it really "assaulting a cop" if you throw a piece of fruit at an ersatz politician, miss, and hit her inappropriately over-ranked bodyguard?

deBeauxOs said...

This is the US. If the law enforcement officials are overwhelmingly Repubs, don't be surprised if he's charged under the laws passed to curb terrorism.

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