Sunday, 13 December 2009

Palin for fundraiser? Brilliant, actually.

Blob Blogging Wingnut got all pissy hissy about the fun Progressive Bloggers are having with the news that a Hamilton hospital will hold an April fundraiser with Sarah Palin as speaker.

SHE asks:

"If public healthcare is such a hot idea, why should Sarah Palin even have to raise money? Shouldn't public revenue be able to cover all the medical costs of running a hospital."
As it so happens, government funding only covers the basics such as the salaries of physicians, specialists, nursing staff and other health care professionals, building maintenance and some administrative expenses. Every budget item approved by a hospital's board of directors and not covered by the provincial parameters must be covered by revenue generated from fundraising activities.

Thus the choice of Palin for this fundraiser as well as the brouhaha it's generating are guaranteed to nab the support of those who would shrieeekkk Socialism!! and Communism!!! if our taxes fully funded healthcare establishments like
St. Peter's and the Juravinski Cancer Centre. These rightwing soCons, fundamentalist religious zealots and teabagger sympathizers are the target of the fundraiser. They're the ones who will descend upon Hamilton for the "pleasure" of hearing the Quitbull deliver a boilerplate speech. And also to fork over more money to be photographed with her? You betcha.

One rubber chicken plate: $200.

Sarah Palin's speaker fees: $200,000.

Delicious irony to be savoured: priceless


The photograph above was found here ; the blogpost is titled "American Evita".


fern hill said...

Ha. I'm teetering between hoping this happens and provides endless giggles at the halfwits' ponying up serious dough in support of SOCIALIZED MEDICINE and hoping that Sawah the Quitbull bails on the occasion and provides endless giggles at her halfwit fans' adoration and gullibility.

Then there's the possibility that the sensible people on the fundraising committee realize what a howler this is and cancel it. That press release oughta be a hoot. Maybe Sawah will sue for breach of contract.

In any case, it's all good. ;)

Bina said...

I'm gonna get all stickly-wickly here and assert that the original Evita (Perón) was an American, too--SOUTH American.

Of course, try telling that to the 'winger Yanks, who think their little slice of the northern continent is all the America there is. Or at least, the only part that's "real". (And only the part of it that's dominated by wingnuts, at that.)

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