Friday, 11 December 2009

'Sarah Palin to speak at a fundraiser for a socialist Canadian hospital'

I swiped that hilarious headline from a blogpost at Think Progress. It links to a story in the Hamilton Spectator, in which a fundraiser gushes over his 'coup' in getting the Quitbull to help his cause.

I guess Think Progress ran out of room because it should have read 'Sarah Palin to speak at a fundraiser for a socialist, abortion-loving, Canadian hospital with death panels'.

Think Progress elaborates:

– St. Peter’s Hospital is a public hospital within the national Canadian healthcare system. In Palin’s worldview, universal, government-insured health care is “socialism.”

– St. Peter’s Hospital performs abortions. Palin, a staunch anti-choice zealot, has protested outside of abortion clinics and has refused to denounce abortion clinic bombers as terrorists.

– St. Peter’s Hospital, through its Centre for Studies in Aging, offers “advanced directives.” Palin tried to derail health reform earlier this year by falsely labeling advanced directive reimbursements as “death panels.”

Why on earth would Sarah compromise her principles for such an unholy outfit?

In any case, the Spectator reports that Palin is being paid “around the ballpark” of $200,000 for the speech, the going rate for a Palin appearance. Organizers hope to sell 1,000 tickets at $200 a plate, but raise more from selling photos with her.

UPDATE: Uh-oh. Judging from the Spectator's poll, an appearance by Palin might not be such a ring-tailed doozy of a notion. You can also comment on the Spec's blog here.

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MORE UPPITY-DATE: Crap. The freepers are on it.

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deBeauxOs said...

$200. a plate? Holy Moly, that's a lotta money for a rubber chicken and a Teflon Turkey.

rww said...

They're going to pay her to tell everyone how crappy their hospital is because it isn't operating on a for profit basis,

One has to wonder who the bigger hypocrit is here.

Parliament Shill said...

I have to wonder at the wisdom of bringing her across the border. "One of the hottest speakers on the Speakers Bureau?" Sure, maybe she is, but what's the relevance to Hamilton? What does a Canadian hospital honestly expect to get from a speech by "Death Panel" Sarah?

k'in said...

They "hope" to sell 1000 tickets @ $200 a piece?

"Hope" they have a few crumbs left over for the hospital after her reported $200,000 speaking fee and jazz-meat dinner gets paid.

Oh the ironing...all these "society is going to hell-in-a-handbasket" fetus fetishists are the worst celebrity-worshipping stooges around...TMZ obviously stands for "Too Much Zealotry".

Pseudz said...

I had an awful thought. . . that maybe there's been a sneaky bit of trickery by a Hamilton Healthcare faction that favours the privatization of matters medical in Canada.

How could one know?

croghan27 said...

I guess the question that Sarah-poo will be asking is if the hospital is a government function (as in socialist) howcome they gotta bring in speakers to raise money?

deBeauxOs said...

And how come the hospital folks are raising money for Palin's US political campaign?

Remember, 1000 plates @ $200. each = $200,000. for her speaker's fee.

Anonymous said...


Think Progress has got it wrong about St. Peter's Hospital. It specializes in issues of aging, dementia, palliative care etc.

I can't find any reference to this hospital providing abortions.

Palin is not a good choice as a speaker for their fundraiser in light of her recent comments to the CBC regarding hospitals.

Bina said...

Pseudz, I think that move might just backfire on them.

At any rate, if this shindig goes ahead, I hope someone gets up and asks her how it feels to be fundraising for a hospital that operates within a "socialist" public system AND provides abortions. And I also hope someone else catches it on video.

James Bow said...

I'd go.

Are they serving boiled eggs and tomatoes at this event?

Dave said...

Damn! Not in Victoria. I'd go just to ask her the most embarrassing question of her life.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Rick Mercer people.

BlastFurnace said...

If I'd the money I'd go, just so I could show her the international one fingered salute. I'm surprised no network in the States has even bothered to book an interview with the premiers of Alaska's two neighbours, BC and the Yukon; if they did then Americans might get the message once and for all that we don't have death panels and our medical system isn't "socialized medicine" but Medicare for all.

fern hill said...

Dave: What question would that be?

deBeauxOs said...

I did a little fact-checking. The two hospitals in Hamilton who would be hosting this shindig are the Juravinski Cancer Centre and St Peter's Hospital (specializing in geriatric care); neither perform abortions as they're available through the Hamilton Health Sciences complex clinic until the 15th week of pregnancy.

fern hill said...

Yabbut, deBeauxOs, they got DEATH PANELS, yes? And SOCIALISM? And RATIONING?

deBeauxOs said...

And also. The two healthcare institutions "share" resources with the abortion clinic since they're all part of the HHS medical complex.

That would make them accomplices and/or beneficiaries of the MASSIVE buckets and buckets of munnee the lying zygote zealots constantly shrieeekkk are made from providing abortions, if such claim were true.

JJ said...

Doesn't St.Peter's have abortion services?

Still, as deB said, if they share their resources with an abortion clinic then that's one degree of separation -- not enough, according to fetus fetishist logic.

I wonder why lifesite hasn't picked up this story?

deBeauxOs said...

St. Peter' Hospital is dedicated to geriatric care.

fern hill said...

I wondered that too, JJ.

Not Lifeshite, not Dodo, not SUZANNE.

Too hard to spin, maybe? Yay! Our Goddess is coming. Boo! She's making a shitload of dough to raise money for DEATH PANELS and SOCIALIZED MEDICINE!

JJ said...

The cost of Palin's "principles" -- $200K

croghan27 said...

At $200 a pop for coc aux vin I am not sure I would GO either, but for good or ill, she represents a major chunk (20%?) of the political opinions in the US. (or at least as presented in the MSM).

Even as I think that 20% is more than slightly 'off base' it will still influence general political thinking in that country. As Gringrich did during Clinton's terms.

no, I do not think she will ever be President - but if she continues on as she is, she may well have great influence on how and who the Republicans do run in 2012. (and in the mid terms as well).

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