Sunday, 29 November 2009


This post from C. C. - Who reads the "Christian Science Monitor?" gave me an idea for the hook upon which to hang a couple of thoughts I've had recently about certain types of criminality.

fern hill and I often check our sitemeter because we are curious about how people get to our site and what they read once here.

A few times a week, DJ! gets hits from people who google Fernando Manuel Alves. Most of them originate in BC, which makes us wonder ...

Women are, as demonstrated by statistics and anecdotal evidence, more likely to be the target of violence at the hands of men who know them. Women are vulnerable to alleged serial rapists like Alves who exploit the 'opportunities' provided by his employment and social network.

Fortunately, not all men are prone to abuse, violate, brutalize, and/or murder female family members, intimate partners, spouses, neighbours, work colleagues, parishioners, clients or acquaintances. Unfortunately, the minority of men who engage in these actions are recidivists and their level of violence tends to escalate if they're not stopped by their peers or the criminal justice system.

Of course, the usual apologists like Mark Steyn and Michael Coren, Barbara Kay and Naomi Lakritz, will blame women subjected to violence for the actions of their abusers and killers.

Information about the 12 day campaign to raise awareness to bring an end to violence against women is available here in French and in English, here.

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