Sunday, 15 November 2009

There SHE goes again, right?

From this blogpost about the plight of women who face heart-wrenching second or third term abortion decisions Blob Blogging Wingnut selectively cites:

"A lot of pregnancies I see at work are wanted, even if they aren’t planned, even if the boyfriend is a jerk and the woman is still in school or even on drugs. Some women really want the baby, but it’s the circumstances and the future that they don’t want, and that tells them that they won’t really be able to support this pregnancy."
SHE claims:

Pro-lifers dedicate millions of dollars to help these women bring their wanted pregnancies to term.
Millions of dollars? Oh yes, under Bush, The Fetus©™ fetishists received funding to establish 'Pregnancy Crisis Centres' which are fronts for anti-abortion groups. Directors and some staff of these agencies were paid big bucks while exploiting volunteers who did the front line work. Very little of that money was actually spent to directly benefit pregnant women or to support them and the children who were born. Those who asked for help were discouraged or distracted or harassed and delayed from exercising their choice to have an abortion in the first trimester. Then, more revenue is generated for zygote zealot organizations when connected christian adoption mills (such as this one, or worse) succeed in selling perfect white babies with no defects to the highest bidders.

There's fundamentalist christian profiteering for you.

Furthemore: o solo mama provides a link to this powerful investigative report about christian adoption mills, it may be one that fern already addressed in one of her many posts about the callous practices of crisis pregnancy centres.

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