Tuesday 17 November 2009

Let's do 'The Time Warp' again

One year ago, DAMMIT JANET! was launched and, as dBO reminds us in her
anniversary post earlier today, she led off with a confession related to the name of the blog.

My inaugural post consisted of the lyrics of the song after which we named this little blog-thingy.

Well, now I'm ready to make a confession of my own.

When DJ! was proposed as a name, all I knew of the phrase was that it was in pretty common use. I did not know it came from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Because I am probably the last person in the western world NOT to have seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Way back, when it became a cult hit, some of my friends -- and one very annoying one in particular -- were in the van of the avant garde. They'd do the whole toast-and-costumes bit and head off to midnight screenings.

Worse, at the drop of a hat, they'd sing the songs, recite the dialogue, and generally rhapsodize about what sounded pretty damn dumb to me.

So, natch, the more they bugged me to come with them, the more I dug my heels in.

Besides, why bother when I could have an impromptu, albeit amateur, performance of it any time I liked?

Let's jump in the time machine and fast-forward to a year-and-a-bit ago, shall we?

The name was proposed, your humble scribe here liked the sound of it, completely forgetting where it came from, and so it came to pass that I'm contributing to a blog commemorating and celebrating a cult classic movie that I've never seen.

Is that irony? Or simply comeuppance?


deBeauxOs said...

Then there's the cats - 2 of them! - in the banner.

I've heard that RHPS is available on DVD ...

fern hill said...

The cats. Well, not much I could do about the cats, being the resident technodolt and all.

But on the RHPS thingy, I feel as if I've been blogging under false pretenses. I feel much better now. ;)

deBeauxOs said...

Yabbut I had my doubts about your intimate/inside knowledge of RHPS.


And since we're in the confession mode, I have to admit I haven't been at a RHPS screening in awhile because the floor show has become secondary to the screening and the rice throwing is a major irritant. I like the costumes and the singing but dammit, it's also a movie I liked to watch.

Besides, our blog moves way beyond gender and wardrobe transgression - it's mostly about calling out rightwingnutz of all political and fundamentalist religious stripes.

Miss Vicky said...

My first date was a RHPS screening. Just sayin'

Happy anniversary!

deBeauxOs said...

Well. That 'splains a lot.

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