Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Just another fetishist of The Fetus©™

We learn, via CC's blogpost The Justin Chronicles that another Blogging Tory blathers on and on, using the familiar "Because I say so" approach to zygote zealotry. Expect the same-old same-old rationalizations and equivalencies, as always based on the premise that a blob of dividing cells has more human rights than the female vessel that carries said blob.

Hey Justin, one more reason to give thanks to your g-d that you were't born female, right?

Clearly nobody is going to force you to endure 9 months of unwanted pregnancy, but being a neocon man, you have the right to opine about humanity. And bonus points for you - you'll have the opportunity to kill human beings who have the bad grace of living on land that a government (who considers them sub-human) wants to occupy.


Bina said...

Wow, he's a condescending one, isn't he...and aren't they all. One of them pooped on my blog this morning, too...with the same attitude.

Hey Justin--if you're still out there ego-googling, please explain to us why a doctor doing WHAT A WOMAN ASKED HIM TO is not a human life, worthy of protection from vigilante whackos who think like you.

Make it a good one, now, you superior life-form, you!

Anonymous said...


You're evil.

Bina said...


You're a coward.

Also stupid.


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