Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The internet ate my homework.

This morning, while I was surfing the Weird World Web in search of inspiration for blogging, I started reading 50 Things That Are Being Killed by the Internet.

Number 4 is Sarah Palin.
Her train wreck interviews with NBC's Katie Couric were watched and re-watched millions of times on the internet, cementing the Republican vice-presidential candidate's reputation as a politician out of her depth. Palin's uncomfortable relationship with the web continues; she has threatened to sue bloggers who republish rumours about the state of her marriage.
Eeep! Didja hear that, fern hill? Does she mean DAMMIT JANET! do you think? Naw, it's more likely to be The Mudflats. Although .... oh my, I just peeked at our tags and it would appear that DJ! has produced close to 50 blogposts that mention the travellin' freak show that is Palin, her family members, her acolytes and her political sycophants.

Has the internet killed Palin's political career? It's a double-edged sword, really. Even when she has control over the medium AND the message *cough* Death Panels *cough* it only seems to magnify her liabilities. And surely even a narcissist must sometimes get tired of being at the centre of such invasive, overwhelming, non-stop attention?


fern hill said...

Eeep! The shitty year I've been having, that would just be the crap icing on the shit cake.

That's a funny list.

It's true about memory being killed. We had a friend over for dinner the other day and I jumped up and googled stuff about six times when one of us couldn't remember a film title or something.

deBeauxOs said...

Yes. How comforting that we can blame the internet for our failing ability to recall trivia.

No, I'm not having a senior moment, it's the Weird World Web that is causing me to forget.

And as I was saying .... umm, I'll get back to you.

Bina said...

Memo to the Paliness: If you don't want people on the Internets to kill your political career, stop handing them the ammo.

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