Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Car Driver 1, Cyclist 0

It is being reported by a number of media that:

former Former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant is being questioned after a cyclist was killed last night while hanging on to a fleeing car, police sources say.

The crash occurred on Bloor St. near Bay St. around 9:45 p.m. when witnesses said a male cyclist in his 20s collided with a black Saab. Witnesses said the cyclist hung onto the driver's side of the car, which had its convertible top down, while the driver allegedly yelled at him to get off.

The vehicle then veered onto the eastbound lanes and mounted the curb, brushing against trees and poles, witnesses said. "He was driving on the wrong side of the street and up on the curb trying to knock him off the car for about 100 metres," said Ryan Brazeau, a worker with a crew laying sewer pipes on Bloor.

It sounds like a stunt you would see in the latest Hollywood wannabe blockbuster. Kids. Oh wait.

Testosterone doesn't kill. People do.


Jennifer Smith said...

I'm still waiting to hear the whole story, but I can't help thinking that if an enraged cyclist tried to climb into my car, I'd be terrified and do whatever I could to get him off. But then, I'm female.

janfromthebruce said...

So self defense - cyclist vs. car - gotcha

Genist said...

Sounds like the car was trying to escape from a hit and run.

And in the end killed the cyclist.

This looks like second degree murder to me. Or vehicle homicide.

PS. I remember all to well being hit by a female driver on Young Street and she almost drove over me. She turned off and tried to do a hit and run. A parking lot gate keeper seen she almost killed me and detained her.

Yes she was very scared, not because of me, but because I think she realized what she had almost done!

You hit a bike: stop: even if you didn't see it and don't think it was your fault.

Bina said...

Srsly--WTF? WTFF?? WTFFF???

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