Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Add your voice: Alves's sentence needs to be appealed

Mr. Grant Wong should be back in his office today. Mr. Wong is the person to contact in the matter of the no-jail sentence for convicted rapist Fernando Manuel Alves.

If you haven't yet written to urge the Crown to consider the message a no-jail sentence sends to future victims and perpetrators of sexual assault, please take a few minutes and do it. Now.

Letters only, by mail and/or fax. Be polite. Stick to the facts and the social policy implications.

In particular, if you are in BC or have friends and family there, your voices are needed.

The contact info again is:
Mr. Grant B. Wong
Deputy Regional Crown Counsel
222 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6A 2S8

FAX: 604.660.4347

While I was googling around looking for any more recent stories on this case, I found a CBC report from September 21, 2007 on the original bail conditions.
The 44-year-old pub owner and vice-president of the Western Ball Hockey Association appeared in B.C. provincial court on Thursday, where he was released under strict bail conditions that include:

* Posting a $350,000 bond.
* Reporting to the Vancouver police high-risk offender unit.
* Not attending any bar or nightclub except for employment at the Station Square pub in Burnaby, as approved by his bail supervisor.

Nice, eh? Alves barred from bars, except for employment and the opportunity to drug other victims. How much sense does that make?

Background here and here.


Pseudz said...

So . . . . what 'good cause' should receive the forfeited bond-cash?

OR - was it given backto the "high risk offender" after some wrist-slap time frame?

If the, so-called, sentencing 'remedies' available to a judge are just going to make an angry perp angrier then perhaps chemical castration oughta be considered.

He'd probably still be violently angry even if a link were removed from his 'sex-chain' - howzabout we set up a penile penal colony - some place to isolate the pricks with dicks.

deBeauxOs said...

Here something else women who are planning to go to Whistler BC should know.

Alves owns or operates a small lodge there. I raised a concern about that in the comments at unrepentant old hippie and Dr Dawg confirmed the information.

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