Sunday, 13 September 2009

Blob Blogging Wingnut calls for the canonization of Jim Pouillon.

Jim Pouillon was collateral damage, in the terms of rightwing military jargon. He was the second shooting victim of alleged killer Harlan Drake. As jj points out, there is no evidence so far that Pouillon was a target because of his anti-abortion activities.

But why should mere facts stop rabid The Fetus©™ fetishists and religious zealot SUZIE ALL-CAPS from calling for his canonization by the Catholic Church?

... did Jim Pouillon live a life of heroic virtue, i.e. is he worthy of canonization? On the surface of it, it looks like he might have. ... I think it would be very inspiring if he were to be canonized. I like the idea of a genuine pro-life activist saint-- not necessarily one of the elites of the pro-life movement (although I can sense that some of them may be worthy of canonization, too) but he was an average schlub, by the looks of things, except for his disability. Of course, I don't actually know him, but it might be profitable to investigate the possibility.

There's the money comment "... it might be profitable to investigate the possibility." Because pro-lies organizations need MASSIVE infusions of cash to sustain their propaganda efforts, from an ever-dwindling number of supporters, many of whom have stopped sending in their hard-earned money to anti-abortion fanatics whose associations with Scott Roeder and other US domestic terrorists are under investigation.

An attempt to canonize Jim Pouillon would surely be cause for frenzied fund-raising. How tactically astute of Blob Blogging Wingnut to suggest such an initiative.


fern hill said...

Woo. That's downright eerie. Both of us posting on the same (almost) subject within TWO minutes.

We gotta get out more. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha! We love it -- or I do,anyway. Can't get enough DAMMIT JANET, afaic!

jj said...

Oh, I'm naive. I didn't even think of the money angle. *blush* I'm losing my touch.

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