Saturday, 5 September 2009

Another pregnant woman’s health endangered in Australia.

Cue the shrieeeking from Blob Blogging Wingnut and her fundamentalist christian acolytes who are willing to sacrifice women’s lives in order to Save The Fetus©™.

In Australia, one woman with the support of her loving family members, is a living (so far) example of the need to change the criminal laws that currently forbid physicians to intervene medically, even if their patient’s survival and her future capacity to bear children is threatened.

The pregnant woman at the centre of Queensland's abortion law standoff is pinning her hopes on legislation being fast-tracked into state parliament to allay doctors' concerns about performing drug-induced terminations.

Shay, whose unborn child is so severely malformed as to have no prospect of survival, has been told the pregnancy must be aborted for the sake of her health.

But with medical abortion services suspended due to the impasse between doctors and the state government over the legality of the procedure, no hospital will admit her.

"This is not a moral issue, it is to save someone's health," her father, Gary, told The Australian.

"Everyone should get off their high horse and get my daughter into theatre. Every day that goes by is a day too long for her."

The predicament of 19 weeks pregnant Shay, 24, has added an intensely personal dimension to the legal and political imbroglio that erupted after police moved to prosecute a couple in Cairns for illegally procuring a medical abortion, prompting obstetricians to demand the scrapping of criminal sanctions on abortion.

The government will amend a section of the criminal code, exempting doctors from prosecution for performing otherwise illegal abortions, to cover recently developed medical techniques involving drugs such as RU486 and misoprostol.

We have previously written about some of the tragedies that Australia’s archaic abortion laws have produced.

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